What to Expect

The info provided below should help you better understand our equipment, techniques and use of your property.


Avant Material Handler

Pictured above is our Avant 635. This machine is vital to our day to day operation and is present on about 95% of our job sites. It is used for everything from scooping up stump mulch to moving logs, brush and even whole trees. It features an amazing strength to weight ratio and turf tires to leave the least impact on your lawn possible. This machine weighs in at 3300 lbs and is only 50” wide so it fits into most yards.


Self-Propelled Stump Grinder

Pictured in the foreground of the image above is our all wheel drive self-propelled stump grinder. Used on about 80% of our stump removal jobs. It weighs about 1600 lbs and is generally easy on turf given dry conditions. It is nearly 8’ long and just under 36” wide so it fits through most gates and into tight backyards.


Chip truck and wood Chipper

Our 18” capacity wood chipper, is used to efficiently dispose of logs and brush. Chips are typically blown into our chip trucks and hauled away, however, can sometimes be blown in a pile on site by request. The brush chipper weighs just under 9,000 lbs. Our loaded trucks weigh around 30,000 lbs.


Tracked Stump Grinder

This large stump grinder is used on about 20% of our stump grinding jobs. We use this machine for larger stumps, high volume jobs, and to access stumps on rugged terrain. This grinder weighs 5800 lbs yet has low ground pressure turf tracks. The tracks retract to fit through most gates.



Cranes of different sizes and capacities are often used to efficiently remove large trees in spaces with limited access or sensitive surroundings. Use of cranes allows us to preserve your property by processing material in another space like the street or driveway. Cranes are heavy. Although we take measures to preserve the area where the crane will be set up and have only had pavement damage on rare occasions we ask that you be mindful of the risk you assume by granting crane access.