Tree Removal

Perhaps when you think of tree removal images of a burly, chainsaw swinging, knuckle dragging, caveman-like lumberjacks come to mind. Think again, think 21st century, high tech, safety oriented industrial athlete! Our arborist utilize physics, high tech gear, the latest rope access methods to safely and efficiently dismantle even the gnarliest beast of a tree all while placing an emphasis on preserving your property.


Industrial Athletes

Pictured is climbing arborist and Storm Tree Services team member Matt Meckley competing in a climbing competition in New Zealand in spring of 2018.


High Tech Gear

High powered brush chippers, turf friendly compact equipment, high strength ropes, pulleys and rigging gear. Utilized as parts in a well thought out plant to complete your job in the safest and most efficient manor possible. 

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Safety Standards

Safety is a priority at Storm Tree. Safety is what allows us to keep doing what we love, day in and day out. Patrick J Daly, president and crew leader, has obtained the Tree Care Industry Associations CTSP credential and is recognized as one of less than 2,000 arborists worldwide who are active in making safety priority number one!